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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm into...

Hey guys!

Am I the only one who is sometimes totally into some things,
and can't get enough of it?
Well, I have that allot, and I'm gonna let you guys know what I'm into lately.
Have fun, and (maybe) get inspired.

So... I'm into...

Beyoncé Pulse

I bought this perfume a few days ago, and I'm super happy with it.
Beyoncé is an amazing women. I admire her. She works her butt of,
(even when she was pregnant) her sound and her moves are always on top,
and now she already released her third fragrance.
I like the bottle, and the scent is sweet, but also fresh.
It's like flowery, it's summer, but you can also wear it in the winter or spring.
(There is coming another review about this perfume).
The perfume was € 23,- for 30 ml.

The Beatles, George Harrison

I basically grew up with the Beatles. And I still cant get enough of them.
Their music never gets bored, and their personalities are so great.
When I was a kid, I watched documentary's, videoclips, listened to their music
over and over again. Then there was a time I didn't listen to them so much anymore,
But then I got a dvd of George Harrison : Living In The Material World.
It is a documentary about his life. It inspired me allot. I knew allot about the Beatles,
but not about George Harrison himself. It was beautiful to hear other (famous) people talk about him.
He is amazing. And after I saw this documentary, I listened to his album, All Things Must Pass, too.
Great music. It's such a pity he died. He still should've been a wonderful man.

Ed Westwick (Chalet Girl, Gossip Girl)

I have watched all of the Gossip Girl episodes, and after each episode I can't wait for the next one.
And Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass in GG) is becoming my favorite actor in Gossip Girl.
He is not the average hansome guy, but I think his face is special. You don't see much of those faces.
He's also playing in the movie Chalet Girl. And he is so lovely in that movie. In Gossip Girl, he speaks American, but he's actually English, and Chalet Girl is an English movie, so there he speaks his mother language. I love it. He's a great (and beautiful) actor.

 Red Lipstick

Yes. I'm really into red lipstick. I wear it almost everyday.
It's feminine, and it just gives more color to your face.
It makes you feel a bit more strong. My mother always says,
'if I've put on my lipstick, I can go for it again.'


People who have smartphones know scrabble as 'Wordfeud', but I discovered the 'classic' scrabble.
I found it between all our other old games that we used to play when we where little,
and my sister and I just started playing it ('cause everyone was talking about Wordfeud, so we thought,
hey, let's play it again) and it's actually very fun! I'm not good at it, but still, it's fun.

A lovely breakfast (coffee).

Oh yeah. You can wake me up for a steaming cup of coffee with a croissant.
Especially in the weekend, when you wake up at like twelve, and your mom hands you a fresh, warm cup of coffee, and you smell scent of croissants coming out of the kitchen. Hmm.. Great.
Then I don't care about all the annoying stuff I have to do that day. I just enjoy my moment of lovely breakfast.

And well... I can go on for ages with stuff that I like,
but I think this is the stuff I like the most lately.
There will soon be another review about Beyoncé Pulse, a red lipstick I bought, another perfume and some more stuff. So stay tuned!
I hope you liked it!


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