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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fragonard perfumes

Hi !

I'm gonna talk about perfume, again..
but now about a really special perfume:
Fragonard perfume.
My mother, my sister and I went this summer to
a region in France, the Côte d'Azur.
And in the Côte d'Azur there is thé perfume city,

There are three big perfume factories in Grasse:
Molinard, Fragonard and Galimard.
We visited two of them, Molinard and Fragonard.
And Fragonard was our favorite.
It was a new building and a new factory.
(Molinard was more historical, what also was special to see!)
We visited the Fragonard factory and had a tour.
It was so special to see how they make all kinds of smells
and all the products related to it, like soaps and cosmetics.

The end of the tour led us to their big shop.
It was incredible. So many perfume's,
so many kind people who wanted to help you,
such a great atmosphear!
The women who leaded our tour let us smell all kinds of perfumes
and explained what they were made of.
After that there was an oppertunity for us to look around by ourselfs.
There was a special offer. You could buy one perfume bottle (15ml) for €26,-
but you could also buy 5 bottles (15ml) for €90,- (then you pay €18,- for one bottle of 15ml).
So that was a good offer!
So, we where there for like a half an hour , 'cause we couldn't decide wich perfume we had to buy.
But we ended on this:

1. Fragonard
2. Belle de Nuit
3. Ile d'Amour
4. Étoile
5. Fragonard (we gave that away to our neighbour, as a gift)

1. Fragonard (Florals)
This one is my sister's.
bergamot, mandrain, petitgrain, galbanum,
hyacinth, lily, honeysuckle, jasmine,
wood, amber, musk.

2. Belle de Nuit (Florals)
This one is from the three of us, my sister, my mother and me.
mirabilis, violet, geranium, rose, plum,
musk, wood.

3. Ile d'Amour (Fruities)
This one is my mother's.
osmanthus, rose, jasmine, lilac,
lily of the valley, musk, amber.

4. Étoile (Naturals)
This one is mine (:
bergamot, lemon, apple, ginger,
gardenia, lily of the valley,
jasmine, cedar wood, amber, musk.
(this is definately my favorite!)

The shops are only in Grasse and in Paris (and on
When you are in Paris or in Grasse, you should go take a look in the shop!
It's a really special experience to smell these rare perfumes.

xoxo, Doris

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