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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quotes ♥

hey guys!

i looove nice, funny, beautiful, love, life, inspirational quotes.
so, get inspired!
(the bold ones are my favorites).

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart.

- The most important things in life are the experiences you have, the memories you make and the way people make you feel along the way.

- There are times in life where I need a camera because the moment is so unreal that only a picture can prove it happened. 

- Life is F U L L of beauty. NOTICE IT.

Dear Haters, Jealousy is a disease. Get well Soon.

- Judge me, and I'll prove you wrong. Say I'm not worth it, and watch where I end up. Call me crazy, you have no idea.

- Never say never.

- Sometimes I don't want to wake up because my dreams are better than reality.

- Wash away your make up, pull down your hair, unzip the dress, take off your heels. Now, you are beautiful because you look like yourself.

Let your joy scream louder than the pain.

- I love the memeories that you randomly remember and cant stop smiling.

- Feel it. Believe it. Dream it. Be it.

- When you think your life "sucks", just think to yourself about how many people have it worse.

- Millions of memories, Thousands of inside jokes, Hundreds of shared secrets = Best friends.

Music is my drug. Youtube is my dealer.

- Music is my best friend, not my boyfriend. If it were a boyfriend we'd fight, might break-up and never talk again, which is not the case.

Just be yourself.. That's all you can be.

-  When you’re STRESSED you eat ice cream, chocolate & sweets. Why? Because STRESSED spelt backwards is DESSERTS. ;)

► Play the moments ▌▌ Pause the memories ■ Stop the pain ◄◄ Rewind the happiness

Someone crying doesn't mean they're weak. Sometimes it just means they have been strong for too long.

Don't make a girl fall for you, if you have no intention of catching her.

Strength is not in the muscles you have or the weights you can lift, its the way you react when nothing is going your way

if its a war for love, its a war worth fighting.

oh, and by the way.. when you have twitter, you must follow @HeyThatsSoTrue
'cause their tweet's are amazing! (much of those quotes are theirs.)

so, what are your favorites? leave a comment!

xoxo, Doris

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