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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shopblog: Primark

Hey guys!
Last week I went shopping at Primark.
Read more to see what I bought.

Primark is a shop in Holland, Hoofddorp.
This friday I went with Indira, a friend of mine, to Hoofddorp, to shop at the Primark.
It's a shop where they sell all kinds of stuff.
They sell clothes, jewels, bags, sunglasses, everything.
And, very important; it's not expensive!
This is what I bought.

A black tunic with also black lace in a flower pattern.
It has a high border, and it closes behind with a stud.
This tunic was €13,-.

This is how it looks when you wear it. I think it's beautifull.

This golden tunic/shirt is a basic model, but the color makes it more special.
You can look trough the material, so you still see the figure of your body.
This one was really not expensive. First it was €7,- , but now it was only €3,- !

I looks pretty nice, right? It looks not too big, you still can see the figure of your body ('cause you can look trough the material). I think that's important, 'cause I don't want to look fat or like a bag, and this way that's not the case.

This one is my favorite, I guess. When I saw it in the store, I just thought, okay, I don't care how expensive this is, it's gonna be mine. In this photo it looks a bit like a huge bag or something, but the pattern is really nice.
The material is very soft. The sleeves are three-quarter, I like that. This one was €12,-.

You see that you can look through the material, just like the other two shirts/tunic's.
I didn't intentionally bought three of the same kinds of tunics, but I liked them all so much, that I couldn't leave them there. And I already had much of basic stuff in my closet, so, I wanted something different.

This is a bordeaux-red panty with 60 dernier, so pretty thick material.
I like that when the panty has a color, because otherwise you see the color of your legs trough the color, and that looks a bit weird. So 60 dernier is just right. This panty was only €2,-.

This is a anti-tangle spray, for your hair. It smells like peach and it works very good!
I have pretty long hair, and I have many tangles, so, this is pretty handy.
This is not from the Primark, but from the Action. It was €2,75.

Than, I have this bag. It's pretty big, but I like that. You can use it for everything. For school, but also to a short trip for instance. The inside of the bad is blue. I like that combination of colors: blue and brown. The bag was €11,- .

Here you see how big the bag is, and you also see the scarf I also bought. It's a wrap scarf.
It's very warm, and it's just a basic scarf, so you can wear it with everything. The scarf was €4,- .

This is another bag I bought. It's a small, bordeaux red bag, handy to take with you when you're going to a party or something. Just enough space to put in your wallet, cell, lipstick and stuff. There're also two small chains at it, as you can see. I think it's casual and simple, I like that. This bag was €5,-.

So, that's what I bought at the Primark. I really like this shop. It's very big, they have so much stuff. And you know that if you go there, you never come home with empty hands. They also have allot basic stuf, like shirts, jackets, coats, sweaters, etc. And as you can see, it's not expensive. At the end, I only spent 52,75 euro's! It's not much for 8 items. So, if you feel like shopping, but you don't have so much money for it at the moment, go there!
So, what do you think of my new stuff? What's you favorite item? Let me know (;


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