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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Justin Bieber's Never Say Never

Hey guys!

you maybe don't know.. but...
I'm a Justin Bieber fan (:
And not only because he's 'hot' and 'sexy' 'and his hair is so cute'
and all that kind of stuff, but also because he is a good person
who reached so much in 1 year. It's just incredible.
And I really knew that I was a fan after I went to his concert
with my 3 best friends in Rotterdam (it was amazing!)
and after I saw his movie, Never Say Never (in 3D).

People always think he's just a star-kid who is totally 'in'
right now, and isn't popular anymore after a year or two,
but I think that that's not gonna happen.
And you know why I think that?
Beceause I saw his movie.

There you see that he really is someone.
He brought it so far that 8 million
girls where going to like him. (Well, not even like him,
but are obsessed with him).
That's not what just a regular person can do in such a short time.

 But the other side is, that he just is a regular person.
Just a boy from a small town in Canada,
who wanted something so badly, that he fought so hard for it,
that he has reached what he has worked for.
And that's what I respect so much.

In his movie you see how it all started.
(I'm not gonna say everything yet,
'cause you have to see it by yourself (; )
And you also see how his whole tour is created,
and how it all works (a sneek peek behind the scenes).
They also present you his whole crew and you see
some of his situations in his crazy life.

So, it's a good movie, where you (what I already said) see
that he worked very hard and that he's not just a star-kid.
(And it's nice that it's in 3D!)
You should see it!
And... find out what's possible if you never give up.

xoxo, Doris

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