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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Watching soapseries/realityshows online

Hi guys!
Lately I've got an addiction... watching soapseries and realityshows online.
First I just watched it on tv, but then the fact that I had to wait for a week to watch the next episode started to annoy me.
So, I starded watching them online.

And do you also recognize it that you just can't find the good website to watch them online?
Well, then here I have some websites for you (from series that I like).

First I watched 'Life of Ryan'.
I watched that on and there you can find all the seasons.


Then the a-ma-zing soapserie 'Glee' came on tv in the Netherlands
(it already came out in the US, but I had no idea that it existed).
 I always watched that on


Now I really like 'Gossip Girl'.
I also watch that on the site where Glee has it's episodes.
(when you click on the site, you see many other soapseries you can watch,
and there you can also find Gossip Girl.)
You can watch all the four seasons on that website.


When the episode doesn't work (that doesn't happen that often),
here's an alternitive:

I hope I made it for you guys a bit easier to find a good website for watching series!
Have fun!

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