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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My perfume collection

Hello !

I've always liked perfume.
The bottles, the different smells,
the memories you have with each smell.
I wanna show you my collection.


1. Kylie Minogue : Showtime (15ml, €14,-)
This smells very sweet.
When I was a bit younger I liked it very much,
but now I think it's too sweet and too strong.
But I wear it sometimes to a party.

2. Oilily, au the toilette (30ml, €14,95)
It smells very fresh and a bit sweet.
But I think it's a bit too sour. It also smells a bit like natural soap.
That can be nice, but you have to be in the mood for that.

3. Cassis Rose : the Body Shop (30ml, €14,-)
This one is actually from my sister.
She was obsessed with roses for a while.
This really smells like it says: cassis and roses.
It's a very warm smell, but also very light and fresh.
The only bad thing about this perfume is that the smell quickly evaporates.

4. Coco Mademoiselle : Chanel (60ml, €57,-)
This one is also from my sister. She got it for her 18th birthday.
It's very hard to describe this perfume.
I always call it 'the lady parfume'.
It's very warm, but at the same time you smell fresh lemon.
I think it's a very chic perfume. You can wear this perfume to your prom (:

5. Yohji eau the toilette (30ml, €50,19)
This perfume is my mother's.
But I also like it very much.
This is a really rare smell. It' is a Japanese smell,
and it's very warm. It's hard to describe this smell,
but it's a bit like vanille.

6. Japanese Musk Oil : the Body Shop (15ml, €14,-)
This is a strong smell. It's beceause it's an oil,
but also beceause it's musk, and you also can it from a distance.
I wear this smell often in the winter, 'cause it's warm (:
It's only 15ml, but you don't use that much at a time, 'cause it's very strong.

7. Madame - Jean Paul Gaultier (30ml, €38,-)
I really like this smell, 'cause it's fresh, sweet and warm at the same time.
It's also a smell you can wear at many different occasions.
To a party, just to a school day but also to a first date.
I also like the bottle very much.

8. Hugo Boss - Pure Purple (30ml, €28,95)
In this perfume you smell many diffrent smells.
You smell cocos, but also fruit and flowers.
I think it's a bit too sweet, but this is a really good smell to wear to a party.
It's sexy and cute at the same time.

9. Lolita Lempicka (30ml, €25,95)
This perfume smell's sweet.
Cute girls should wear this smell.
The smell is like flowers, but also a bit spicy like musk.
It's a very girlish smell.

10. Aqua Lily : the Body Shop (30ml, €15,-)
This is a very fresh smell. Like flowers,
but also a bit watery.
I usually wear it in the summer.
You can wear this to the beach!
But the titel says that it smells like lily,
but I think it doesn't. I don't say it's not good,
but i would gave it another title.

So, this was my collection. I hope you've got some nice ideas for some nice smells.
Of course there are a lot more, but this is what I have (:

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