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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer, bring it on!

My favorite season has finally arrived:
I have some products that I'm gonna use 
to stay beautiful while I'm enjoying this season.
If you're curious, read more!

I was waiting so long after a very very cold winter to this moment,
when we can realx from the tough school/working days,
and when we can spoil ourselves with nice beauty products.
I'm gonna show you my products.

First, very important: protection against the sun.
We all love to lie down lazy in the sun and feel the warmth get into our skin,
but you have to watch out. Especially when the sun is on its hottest (1-3 AM).
I protect myself with walnut oil with spf-15 . (top left)
I do not burn so quickly in the sun, so I don't use a very high factor.
But when you do burn fast, use a higher factor! 

Then, I love to use a fresh smelling shower gel or cream. 
Dove smells very naural and fresh. (top right)
The one that's from the Body Shop (bottom right) is also very fresh and flowery.
And I have also a buddy butter from the Body Shop that I use after showering (bottom left).

Then I move on with a really good hand cream, also from the Body Shop (top left).
Your hands are getting very soft and it smells like a sort of nuts. 
Perhaps you notice that I really love body lotions.
I have a small one from the brand Zwitsal (bottom left).
It's acctually for babies, but that's why it's soft,
and that's why I love to use it. 

We obviously want to smell good, and not going to smell like sweat...
That's why I use 8x4 'Heavenly' deodorant.
It's smells very sweet, and it helps well to get rid of the sweaty smell.
And... I use Jill Sander's SUN au the toilette (bottom right), 
that stays all day and smells like.. like... summer! 
The beach, the swimming pool, the sun, it's just brilliant (: (definitely a must!) 

For my eyes I use the essence Sun Club eyeshadow.
I am a fan of this eyeshadow pallete. I has all the colours I like.
And to keep a healty coulour on your cheeks,
I have Bourjous blush - 33 Lilas D'or.
I love the colour. But when you bring it on your cheeks, it has lots of golden glitter,
and I do not like that very much, 
but it can be nice when you go to a club or something.

My lips always burn in the sun. Very annoying (it hurts so much!).
So, that's why I like to use the essence Sun Club refreshing & moisturizing lipgloss,
with spf-6 . It has a beautiful colour, it smells sweet, and my lips don't burn anymore (:
And when I go to a special occasion (or just a regular day, depends on what mood I'm in)
I use a red/pink lipstick from the shop Hema (it's a shop in Holland) , also with spf-15.
I really like this coulor. Absolutely my favorite lipstick!

And, ofcourse, we can't forget: our nails!
I usually don't really like the colour yellow, but this essence Mellow Yellow nailpolish is so cute!
This nailpolish taught me to love yellow, haha.
And as base coat and top coat I use Trind nailpolish.
At last, my mascara.
I got this one from a friend of mine, that she got for me from New York.
It's the Mabeline New York Colossal Volume Express mascara.
I have not used it yet, 'cause my other mascara isn't empty yet.
I'm very curious! 

So, now you've seen all my products.
I hope you liked it, and maybe are inspired to buy some of my products too (;
If you have a tip for anything that I have to buy, 'cause that can't be missed in my collection,
let me know (;
And let me know what you think of my collection! 


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